Well in Gulu

Our women’s sewing cooperative in Gulu is creating important opportunities for women to support their families and neighbors. They, however, are still in dire need of medical care and clean water. Women and young girls travel miles to get access to clean water each day. Time that would be used to attend school or do other productive work is spent searching for clean water. This community needs a modern borehole well to access clean, safe water. When you contribute as a monthly donor, we can then depend upon these funds to build wells where they are most needed. Thank you for so beautifully supporting our volunteer efforts in these communities SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

Sewing Cooperative Update

In Northern Uganda, just like the rest of Uganda, women are treated as second hand citizens. In Gulu particularly, women have been given very FEW opportunities. Our sewing cooperative helps the community THRIVE by providing income opportunities to poor families, helping girls stay in school by providing free, reusable sanitary pads, and encouraging other women. These communities are deeply grateful for this project, which continues to provide vital opportunities for more than 80 women, their families, and their communities.

Through ongoing communication, they tell us of their two critical needs: medical care and clean water. We will begin focusing on meeting these needs as our reforestation project wraps up. We depend on your monthly financial support to continue meeting the needs of these communities. Thank you for partnering with us in this ongoing work SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

Monthly Giving Fuels our Work

It is because of you we are able to continue this work.  We depend on monthly donations to plan for and continue our projects.  With this 100% volunteer-run, non-profit organization, every dollar goes directly to help women, children, and their communities go from merely surviving to THRIVING.  We work directly with local leaders to find the most efficient ways to support the most impoverished people SO THEY CAN THRIVE.  Thank you, once again, for standing with us to support this important work.

One Thousand Trees


Partnering with local farmers and authorities, Greening Uganda, the Ugandan government, and with your support, we have successfully planted more than 1,000 trees in devastated areas!  Look at what we can do together!  This project has continued to educate communities about the effects of climate change and the dangers of deforestation.  We are all working together to rectify the massive deforestation.

Native tree species were planted in nature reserves and game parks that have experienced massive deforestation, increasing the regional Eucalyptus, Milicia excelsa, Oxytenanthera abyssinica, and Prunus africana.  We chose to plant hardy fruit trees on farmlands so farming families can consume and sell fresh produce: pawpaws, passion, mango, jack fruit, and oranges.

Thank you for being a part of our team and making this ongoing work possible.   Your donations keep us moving forward SO THEY CAN THRIVE.

Planting Tree Seedlings to Increase Rainfall

This past weekend, we selected good quality seedlings and propagated those that needed it. When the roads are again passable between rains, we are thrilled to begin planting trees in Gulu with the support of Village level Government officials. We give great thanks to the rains that support these trees and for the rain we are able to harvest in preparation for the dry season. More trees preserve our topsoil and bring more rainfall. Together, thanks to your contributions, we will continue planting seedlings for the future. Thank you for making this essential work possible SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

Sewing Cooperative Update

We began this 2021 by focusing on the creation of an artisan cooperative in Gulu. Our self-sustaining sewing cooperative began four months ago with eight craftswomen and six sewing machines. We now have 80 artisans and 12 machines working around the clock to create goods. These women are filling orders from schools and companies, creating handbags, mats, wall hangings, baskets, and mending goods so they can be used longer. They also provide children with school uniforms and young women with reusable sanitary pads! Each girl is gifted five sanitary pads, which allow her to continue attending school and delay marriage!
This simple project is having an enormous impact on the entire region! Thank you for your contributions that make this project possible! Together we are helping these communities survive and thrive!

Ready for Fruit Seedlings

We are excited to soon purchase propagated fruit tree seedlings to deliver to our partnering farmers in Northern Uganda! We will start with fruit trees because they need more water than other trees and this is our rainy season. Fruit trees also grow faster and produce income to farmers and their families.
We will plant mangoes, passion fruits, avocados, oranges, pawpaws, and others. 600 seedlings cost us $1,150 USD (4,200,000 Uganda Shillings). We will also purchase watering cans, shovels, and hoes for $1,415 USD (5,235,500 Uganda Shillings), a one-time expense.
Thank you for helping us meet our goal of planting 5,000 trees in Uganda! It is because of your participation and contributions we are able to carry out this essential work.

Tree Seedlings

Climate changes in Uganda, and all of Africa, have greatly affected agricultural yields and are causing farms to produce less. This puts food security at greater risk. According to the National Forest Authority, Uganda has lost 63% of its forest coverage in the past 25 years due to tree-cutting for firewood, timber, and charcoal, as well as for the growth of agriculture and towns.


We are partnering with local farmers in Uganda to plant trees on their land. This will help increase food production, preserve the local and global environment, and produce income to farming families. A single tree seedling costs only $2 USD. We need your help to repair our land. Join us in these reforestation efforts by sharing what you can through our website (here) and Facebook Fundraiser (here). Thank you for standing up to plant trees SO THEY CAN THRIVE with us!

Reforestation Awareness

Communities in Northern Uganda rely heavily on forest resources for fuel, food, and a source of income. Our reforestation project will help farmers build new economic opportunities that are more sustainable and forest friendly.

We continually see the importance of community involvement when it comes to tree planting. The network of farmers and community members is essential in raising awareness of the necessity of reforestation. Planting trees delivers clear benefits for our community- environmentally, economically, and socially. As we plant together, we educates, support, and grow.

Thank you for your support in this essential work!


Growing the Future

We are growing the future!  SO THEY CAN THRIVE is equitably empowering Ugandan farmers for food security, nutritional security, agricultural trade, and organizational development.  Through the provisions of better tools, new technologies, safe pesticide, increased forested areas, and improved seeds, we are expanding food production and farmer income!

We are now running a fundraiser to reach our 5,000 tree goal!  For our first 500 fruit tree seedlings, including oranges, mangoes, and passion fruit, the cost is $950 (3,500,000 UGX, 7,000 Shillings).

Thank you for helping us preserve the land, feed our communities, and reach our goal!